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GROVEY EFFECT FOUNDER & CEO Ryan Grovey, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Grovey Effect, is originally from Hobbs, NM and now lives in Phoenix, AZ.


Ryan began his dance fitness career in 2009 teaching Zumba® in the gym of one of his mother’s Early Childhood Centers. His affiliation with Zumba® lasted for seven years during which time he became licensed in all Zumba® formats. In 2013 he became a Zumba® Jammer and was a featured Avatar in XBOX Kinect Zumba® Rush video game.


In 2015, Ryan was offered the opportunity to become a trainer with MixxedFit®. During his five years with MixxedFit® he served in several capacities including Instructor, Global National Trainer, National Trainers Team Lead, Corporate Team Member and Vice-President of Leadership Development & Training.


He also was a Global Trainer where he traveled and trained internationally in the Philippines, Germany, Guam, Egypt, Mexico, Japan & Korea. Ryan’s most recent dance fitness affiliation was with World of Dance UJAM where he was an Instructor and Master Trainer. Bringing together all the knowledge gained from contributing to the success and growth of other programs, Ryan’s goal for many years has been to create a format whose effects go beyond the fitness class and into the everyday lives and communities of the students he has the privilege to reach. That goal is now a reality as Grovey Effect launched in August 2020.


Additional accomplishments include previous owner of Ultimate Fitness Studio in Las Cruces, NM, Creator of the Annual BlazeFest Dance Fitness Event, Founder/CEO of N’AYR Collections, an Active Wear Clothing line and Top ten Competitor in Worst Cooks in America, Season 18.


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