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What is Grovey Effect?

The Grovey Effect is a high-energy, powerful & dynamic Cardio Dance Fitness Workout, incorporating HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and Strength Training for maximum results.  The Grovey Effect Fitness Format is designed to provide students a highly motivational, challenging, effective and fun workout experience!

Grovey Effect Instructor Benefits

Grovey Effect Choreography

Instructors receive new choreography every month.

Get Original Grovey Effect  Mixes

Receive customized warm-up mixes by Grovey Effect DJ inspired by Ryan's favorite music. The mixes are guaranteed to get you and your students pumped and ready for your GE Workout!

Marketing Material

You'll have access to social media promotional text, banners, logos, and have the ability to customize flyers to promote your GE Classes.

20% Discount on Retail

Receive an Instructors Only 20% discount on any of the items in our Digital Shop, including hoodies, tops, and accessories.

GE Format Testimonials

"Grovey Effect is more than just a class, it’s an experience. A full body workout that challenged your endurance and strength all while dancing to your favorite hits. This format has taken my fitness to the next level, I have broken plateaus and reached goals. Grovey Effect has given me confidence, I look and feel unstoppable". --Angela E.

"As a dancer, trainer & instructor of many fitness formats I look for the best workout fitness programs for myself. And now I have Grovey Effect!! A super high energy, dynamic dance fitness that is a whole body workout, we go down on the floor plank doing jacks, mountain climbers strengthening our core and back muscles. High intensity cardio, burpees and air jacks , all the HIIT components are there while you are dancing on the best music. I say this is the best dance formats available on this date & on top of that it's Ryan's infectious energy!! I love it because I love intensity, high energy & speed.  It is all about that!".  --Neeti S.

"I have been taking dance fitness classes for over a decade and during that time, I have tried pretty much every dance fitness format and even been certified as a Zumba® and MixxedFit®️ instructor. In August of 2020, I discovered Grovey Effect classes, and it quickly became my favorite form of dance fitness! You know those songs during a Zumba®️ class that make everyone cheer as soon as they come on and give everyone a sudden, happy burst of energy? Now imagine an entire class of those songs. That’s what every Grovey Effect class feels like! And aside from the adrenaline-pumping joy Grovey Effect will bring you, it will absolutely help you to meet your fitness goals! Since starting Grovey Effect classes, I have been able to lose over 20 pounds and become more physically fit than I have ever been in my adult life. I literally had to google the muscles of the arms to identify what I was seeing because my arms have never been this toned before! If you are looking for an effective, exciting, fun, and motivating workout that will make it so you never dread exercising again, give Grovey Effect a try! It will bring you so much joy!"  --Brittany T.


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