GE Corporate Team

Ryan Grovey

Grovey Effect

Creator & CEO 

Ryan Grovey, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Grovey Effect, is originally from Hobbs, NM and now lives in Phoenix, AZ.


Meet the Team

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CEO & Founder

Ryan Grovey


Vice-President/Lead Strategist

Patricia Grovey


Trainer Development Coordinator

Reeni Nair


Executive Assistant to CEO/GE 

Karen Miranda

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Website, Branding, and Digital Creator.

Efren Buzzo


Lead Choreographer

Diana Sonora

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Instructor Care Specialist/Nutritionist & Team Prayer Warrior

Angela Evans

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GEM (Grovey Effect Member) Care Specialist

Elle Spencer

IT Specialist

Laurie Pirmann

Grovey Effect Stylist/Retail Coordinator

Arleaka Higgins


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